Team Takedown..Where's the Beef???

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When I saw Shane Roller get stopped at WEC 40 by a virtual unknown Ben Henderson , and as I thought back to how Jake Rosholt got handled and submitted with ease by Dan Miller at UFC Fight night 17, I'm thinking Team Take Down is kind of a let down.  Here you have this Stable of Champion collegiate wrestlers being supported by a wealthy business man so all they have to do is Train MMA and not have to deal with the Poverty and financial hardships that go along with being a young fighter, they are in there with some of the Best trainers in the game, but they don’t seem to be catching on like I thought they would.  Johny Hendricks is the only Team Takedown fighter who hasn’t been stopped. Maybe they were thrown in the deep end too soon?

Now I know that in MMA everyone loses (except Fedor) even Anderson Silva lost his first fight. But these guys just aren’t looking good out there even when Rosholt beat Nissen Osterneck he was getting pummeled before Osterneck simply ran out of gas, and Roller has been TKO’ d twice due to strikes. I wouldn’t even be writing this if there wasn’t such hype around them.  There was the Fight Mag article and they were on Tapout show…Truthfully I think Arizona Combat sports is fairing much better than Team Takedown most of their fighters are former ASU wrestlers. I think it comes from AZ Combat fighters adapting they’re wrestling skills for MMA. Being a High-level wrestler and using wrestling in MMA are 2 different beasts, but then again what do I know?