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Shaq Trains MMA - Video
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Shaq Trains MMA - Video
Written by Vytas   
Thursday, 07 May 2009

Jonathan Burke trains NBA star Shaquille O’neal in mixed martial arts including submissions and striking during Shaq’s offseason.

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written by TEAM VERA, May 07, 2009
put shaq against cheick kongo! we'll see who gets owned there hahahaha!
6 levels! 6 levels. 6 levels!!
written by j dil, May 07, 2009
Mention the 6 levels accademy one more time! sheeeesh! Something very cheap about that.
yeah but. . . .
written by Craig Knott, May 07, 2009
while he does say six levels about 5000000 times i wonder how many people checked it out after watching this???

its classic brain melting
I missed it
written by lolz, May 07, 2009
Did anyone catch the name of that website? I wanna see Shaq in the cage. smilies/tongue.gif
Marshall art
written by Marshall art, May 07, 2009
"Bare naked choke" FLOL!!!
written by ach, May 07, 2009
shaq should work on his freethrows b4 thinking about fighting,but if he fights i d love to c him against rampage.
written by [email protected], May 08, 2009
Please !! ... Shaq v Hong-man Choi-Dong-Dim-Dum Fool !!
Now there's a 'show'..
Get back to missin free throws for 20 milly a season.
I thank u..
written by Trika, May 08, 2009
"Get back to missin free throws for 20 milly a season"...that's a scream! Pro ball is wildly out of control; the pay is commensurate with the egos~Trika
written by Aries, May 09, 2009
A couple of leg kicks and he'll go down. his movement is slow, so some footwork and angles and throwing leg kicks could slow him down.

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