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Brock Lesnar Deer Hunting Video
(5 votes)

Brock Lesnar Deer Hunting Video
Written by Vytas   

Outdoorsman/UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar goes hunting for Bambi

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Take another animal as opponent...
written by Peacemaker, April 28, 2009
that has a chance to win. Let's say a tiger...and do the fight without weapons. If Brocke wins - ok then he is a champ smilies/grin.gif
This idiot will never be an mma legend
written by bif, April 28, 2009
arrogant steroid freak!!!!!!!!
arrogant steroid freak!!!!!!!!
written by poo, April 28, 2009
arrogant steroid freak!!!!!!!! 0
I guess not
written by Brutus, April 28, 2009
I guess he's not an animal lover or a vegetarian.
written by brettsky2002, April 28, 2009
Don't forget, most people couldn't even use the bow. Brock is one of the world's best hunters according to Animal Trade magazine; he's just humble. You should see his trophies. If he had his bow in the octagon I bet he'd even beat Frank Mir.
written by ach, April 28, 2009
wut a meathead ,MIR is gonna give him some jiujitsu lessons one on one again. wut a dushbag killing animals for fun .
written by MIkata, April 28, 2009
All you animal lovers need to calm yourself. Its fuc**n hunting. His pasion god damn. But i will agree that Mir is gonna break a limb at UFC 100
I hope he gets seriously injured!
written by :-S, April 28, 2009
I hope Mir breaks Brock's arm or tears some of his ligaments in UFC 100. Fingers crossed!!!
Grow Up
written by Trika, April 28, 2009
Opinions should be passionate, but not vulgar. Genetalia fixation and wishing someone injury in the Octogan is sad. That type of posting is what Sherdog is for. You guys want a professional site? Be part of the professionalism~Trika
Ok Trika
written by bif, May 01, 2009
Brock needs a serious ass beating to adjust his attitude and it does look like he has a wiener on his chest
Guess What bif?
written by Trika, May 02, 2009
Guess What? Your right. Really, I agree with you. Brock is very big, very strong, very fast, etc...and he jumped to the top thanks to the pogo stick the UFC threw to him. I would like to see him lose to Mir personally. Its good for the sport. Just look at what Anderson Silva is doing to the middleweight division of the UFC. I remember when you couldn't give away tickets to see Mike Tyson! Oh, and it does kinda look like a weiner.~Trika

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