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Tim Sylvia vs Tra Telligman UFC 54 fight Video
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Tim Sylvia vs Tra Telligman UFC 54 fight Video
Written by Vytas   
Tuesday, 15 July 2008

tim sylvia tra ufc54










 Tim Sylvia vs Tra Telligman UFC 54 fight Video.

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written by Darth_Fedor, November 19, 2008
Awesome fight.
I just found a site that's streaming full fights in high quality.
did tra die from this fight
written by ninja _zach , March 31, 2009
i been looking around online and have heard alot of controversy about this fight did tra pass from that kick it was a direct hit to the temple and they dont shw hime getting up on any of the clips if anyone nows lemme no thanks
ufc 54
written by jeff boone, May 21, 2009
tim silvia vs tra telligman. I understand why the ufc would want to hide it if tra died. but now that the ufc is as big as it is, short of the telligman familey not wanting it out there. then the ufc should give the man his props for doing all that he did, it is a danger to fight in any sport and sometimes people get hurt, some die. it has happend in boxing, football,soccer etc etc....so why not give it up....still love the sport...
drunken boxer
written by marc43, October 06, 2009
He didnt die. He was a coach in the world combat league....definetely was sent to retirement by this kick tho

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