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Matt Lindland vs. Vitor Belfort Affliction 2 fight video
(18 votes)

Matt Lindland vs. Vitor Belfort Affliction 2 fight video
Written by Vytas   
Saturday, 24 January 2009


Matt Lindland vs. Vitor Belfort Affliction 2 fight video


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written by df, January 25, 2009
in your face
written by Journeyman, January 25, 2009
Got knocked the f*** out!!
good boxer in mma.....
written by lutenco, January 25, 2009
i remember when he defeated VANDERLEI only with punches. smilies/shocked.gif
good boxer in mma but not in boxing,not so good to compete vs a world class.
and he dares to mension the jesus
written by poo, January 25, 2009
the way vitor behave and celebrating the KO while the other guy is in unusually KO is disgusting
are you serious
written by mmaguy, January 25, 2009
man are you serious vitor has never been a guy thats out to hurt anyone. he's a very religeious guy and would never wish harm on anyone. i really dont think he knew how hurt linland was casue after the fight was over he just went to celebrating and nver looked back.
written by GracieHunter, January 25, 2009
Matt Lindland Is old, But victor still got that vicious ground & Pound, bad match ups.
matt, matt, stop grabbing the medics leg thats not vitor!!!!!
written by HISATAKE,sean., January 26, 2009
holy s**t that was scary. vitor really needed this win and looked fantastic doing it. Lindland guarenteed had to much confidence thinking he was going to blanket and molest vitor. man that was precise... vitor was like "I dont want a blanket, Im not sleepy...POW!!!!
he look funny
written by HISATAKE,sean., January 26, 2009
written by HISATAKE,sean., January 26, 2009
as bas rutten once said "bring out the stretcher guys"
written by The Phenom, January 26, 2009
This was actually a bad match up for Vitor.
Vitor is known for not doing good against for wrestlers.
And poo shut your mouth. Vitor stopped him self from punching Lindland. He stopped punching before that old ass ref stopped it. If Vitor was an asshole he wouldnt have stopped.
written by poo, January 27, 2009
u re telling me to shut my mouth,i saw the whole thing and by the way u have stew peed nick,is that the way u are...?
written by 88, January 28, 2009
vitor show us that anybody cans get back on top at the right time and the right wheight
matts done
written by rking1012, March 14, 2009
matts done...

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