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Jake Shields vs Jason Mayhem Miller Strikeforce Video
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Jake Shields vs Jason Mayhem Miller Strikeforce Video
Written by Vytas   
Sunday, 08 November 2009

Jake Shields vs Jason Mayhem Miller Strikeforce Video

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written by scomar, November 08, 2009
If Fedor hadn't broken Bret, Jake Shields would have ruined MMA for the mainstream/ casual fanbase. Lay and pray.
written by Aries Master of War, November 08, 2009
Shields sucks against someone with Jiu-jitsu. He dominated position but did nothing to win the fight. Mayem should've used more punching combonations on the feet, because Jake Shields stand up is horrible to watch, just see the Bully beatdown episode of him and some guy, He's garbage.
I H8 Shields
written by OhPoop, November 08, 2009
not a big fan of Mayhem or Shields, but I really do not ike Jake Shields. He has good BJJ and that is it. And even his BJJ was put into question on Saturday. Mayhem got out of eveything thrown at him. LAY AND PRAY BS
written by Jerski755, November 09, 2009
Mayhem would was definitly the better striker. I wish he would of knocked out Shields. He is a boring fighter.
written by deemon, November 09, 2009
boring fight in the world
i agree with u scomar
written by dood, November 09, 2009
i was so mad that shields keep it to the ground the whole time.i know alot of ppl that watch this for the first time were like "wth are they doin?".
one of my favorate fights now
written by JuggaloMMA420, November 10, 2009
that was a awesome fight shields did a grate job, miller didn't have an answer to the superior wrestling and ground skills of shields. millers exposions on his feet were exciting too, grate fight!

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