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Urijah Faber Thinks that BJ Penn Has 90 Percent Chance of Beating Kimbo Slice
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Urijah Faber: BJ Penn Has 90 Percent Chance of Beating Kimbo Slice
Written by Vytas   
Thursday, 28 August 2008


On the Big O & Dukes show on 106.7 WJFK today, WEC Featherweight Champion Urijah Faber was asked about BJ Penn's chances of defeating Kimbo Slice in a fight. Faber replied that Penn had a "90% chance" of defeating the EliteXC heavyweight, although one speculates Faber really feels the chances are much higher.

The Penn vs. Slice "fantasy match-up" is the product of UFC President Dana White's comment just prior to EliteXC's debut on CBS. White remarked that BJ Penn could defeat Slice in a MMA bout. The effort of White was to disparage Slice's talent level by suggesting a lightweight fighter in the UFC could defeat a heavyweight fighter in EliteXC (or at least Slice). Faber's corroboration merely adds fuel to the fire.

As for a potential bout with Norifumi Yamamoto, it's the same story: Faber wants it; there are no plans in the works to make it happen.

from: bloodyelbow

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written by manchild, August 28, 2008
slice has no talent in mma so i would not be supriced if bj beat him
written by gsp, February 06, 2009
as long as kimbo doesn't have a teaspoon of grease on his back I give the fight to penn jk
f**k yall
written by ashg, March 03, 2009
yallmotherf**kers dont know what tha hell yall takin bout if he cant stop a 170lb fighter from slamming himon his head how is he goning 2 stop an agressive 240lb man from doing tha same
written by rhoades24, March 05, 2009
kimbo is a joke of a fighter
written by DrewC, May 06, 2009
Here's how it would go if they fought Kimdo's fight:

Kimbo Slice would beat BJ up at the Winn Dixie delivery area at the back of the store. I would give it 8 to 10 minutes.

Now, Shambo Slice (because thats what he is - a sham in the real world of mma) would get tapped out in 4:18 in the first round via a rear naked choke or an arm bar.

Seth whaateverhisnameiselli is where in the rankings? Remember tha old skool mma was tournement style with no weight classes. Ask Dan Severne who had their hand raised when he fought Graycie at UFC 4. HE TAPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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