Dont Forget The Grip

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     The number of training methods out there to improve cardio, strength, explosiveness and technique are legion, but the oft used--yet rarely talked about body part--is the hand, or more importantly, the grip.

     The grip is an integral part of every aspect of the fight game. Training the hands to increase strength endurance is a very easy addition to any regimen and will likely pay great dividends with minimal effort. It is true that grappling and weight training increase grip strength, but one wants more than a strong grip; what is needed is a strong grip that lasts.

     To that end there is a simple solution: a good set of handgrips. There is of course the Wal-mart variety that is cheap and efficient, but I would suggest investing in a good digital grip device that gives feedback as to one's progress. A good way to used the hand grip is to give 10 light, slow squeezes on each hand to warm up the tendons and ligaments. After that (providing it is digital) give ten squeezes, alternating hands each time, for a total of twenty reps. See how strong each squeeze is throughout by reading the LED.

 After the repetition phase is done, hold the grip for an equal amount of time in each hand for as long as is possible. Start out aiming for 30 seconds on each hand. Keep increasing the length of time as your hands permit until you can confidently hold the grip closed for several minutes.

      This ensures a strong grip for wrestling, grappling, and Jiu Jitsu that not only starts strong but stays strong throughout the fight.~Trika